Alex - Front Rack Clinic (Online)

$ 15.00

Does your Front Rack position look like this?

Could you not make the Front Rack clinic but still need help?

We’ve got you covered! 

At the clinic, we performed tests on each of the upper-body joints and parts involved in creating a Front Rack position to determine which were the limiting factors. We tested shoulder flexion and external rotation, elbow flexion, wrist extension, and thoracic spine extension. We then worked through a multitude of mobility drills to target each of the problem areas.

 Coach Alex has created YouTube videos walking you through each of these tests, along with a helpful worksheet to guide you through the assessment. She’s also created videos demonstrating and explaining each of the mobility drills that were taught at the clinic.

 You can purchase access to these materials for $15 and get started on improving your front squat, clean, presses and jerks!